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Android App Development

Benefits of Mobile Apps:

Google Play Store had more than 3 million apps for users in the first quarter of 2019. The trend of mobile apps development has accelerated in the last few years because brands have realized that apps are the best medium to reach the target audience. With a mobile app, you are just a single click away from your customers.

  • Build your brand
  • Be in touch with your existing as well as potential customers
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Provide better customer support
  • ​Artificial Intelligence integrated

The best way to develop an Android App is to download a framework and the platform is ready for you. However, selecting the best framework is a tough job to do, for which we have mentioned the most popular ones.

Kotlin was introduced as one of the official languages of Android. It has simpler coding standards as compared to Java. The best thing about the Kotlin is its compatibility with Java. It uses JVM (Java Virtual Machine), to run Java code easily. This is making it a popular platform even among die-hard Java fans.

2. Xamarin
This framework is used by more than 2 million users all over the world, Xamarin is quite popular among C# enthusiasts who want to build interactive mobile apps. It provides a comprehensive set of C# code to build native apps for Android devices. This framework is also easily compatible with Visual Studio to build apps using .NET code.

3. Ionic
It is an open source app development framework, available under the MIT License. Many brands are approaching Android App developer in India  to build web and native mobile apps. Framework supports cross-platform, so it can easily build mobile apps not only for Android but also for other mobile platforms when required.

4. React Native
React Native is an offering of Facebook’s JavaScript framework. Native mobile apps are developed using this robust platform. Mobile apps of renowned companies like Instagram, Tesla and Walmart runs on it only. One cannot differentiate between apps built using Java and React Native as both have the same building blocks. Developers can easily optimize a React Native app by customizing codes written in other programming languages like Swift, Java, and C.

5. Cordova
Cordova is an open source framework developed by Apache using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The major benefit for the developers is the freedom to create multi-platform mobile apps having a single code structure. The framework has the feature to access native device APIs also.
Another benefit of this framework is the development of desktop apps also. Offline apps are also developed with it making it a perfect choice for developers.

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